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Travis "Deuce" Moore Wins Ledger-Enquirer Player of the Week Honors


Pacelli Sports | 9/8/2023

In the world of high school football, standout performances are celebrated, and players who leave a lasting impact on the game are rightfully recognized. In a recent poll conducted by the Ledger-Enquirer, one player emerged as the clear favorite for Player of the Week, and that player is none other than Travis "Deuce" Moore, a senior at Pacelli High School.

Moore's performance in Week 3 was nothing short of spectacular. Facing off against Lakeview Academy, he showcased his remarkable versatility as both a defensive back (DB) and wide receiver (WR). His contributions played a pivotal role in Pacelli's impressive 41-0 victory.

The defining moment of Moore's outstanding week came with a game-changing interception. As Lakeview Academy's offense attempted to gain ground, Moore's keen defensive instincts took over. He intercepted a pass and, in a dazzling display of speed and agility, returned it for a touchdown. This interception not only earned his team valuable points but also swung the momentum firmly in Pacelli's favor.

But Moore's impact wasn't limited to defense. As a wide receiver, he displayed his offensive prowess by catching a crucial touchdown reception. His ability to contribute on both sides of the ball made him an invaluable asset to his team.

However, what truly sets Moore apart is the overwhelming support and recognition he received from the community. In a poll that garnered over 30,000 votes, Travis "Deuce" Moore secured an impressive 11,823 votes. This resounding show of support from fans, friends, and admirers underlines the profound impact he has had on the local football scene.

As the Ledger-Enquirer Player of the Week, Travis "Deuce" Moore joins an illustrious list of high school athletes who have been honored for their outstanding contributions to the game. This recognition not only celebrates his exceptional talent but also his dedication and hard work both on and off the field.

Travis "Deuce" Moore's journey in football is far from over, and his remarkable performance in Week 3 is a testament to his potential and the exciting future that lies ahead. As he continues to make waves in the world of high school football, we look forward to witnessing more extraordinary moments from this talented athlete.

Congratulations to Travis "Deuce" Moore on being named the Ledger-Enquirer Player of the Week! Your dedication, skill, and sportsmanship make you a true standout in the world of high school sports. We can't wait to see what you'll achieve next!