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Unveiling the 2023 Pacelli Vikings Football Team: Reloading for Glory


Pacelli Sports | 8/13/2023

The echoes of triumphant cheers from last season's historic victory still reverberate as the 2023 Pacelli Vikings Football Team steps onto the field. With the status of defending state champions, their journey this year is marked by determination, resilience, and the collective aspiration to engrave their legacy deeper into the realms of high school football.

A glance at the roster reveals that change is afoot—a transition that speaks to the Vikings' commitment to reloading, not rebuilding, as they seek to secure another shot at GIAA State Championship glory. The departure of star players, including the GIAA All-State Player of the Year, quarterback Cam Ellis, along with five other All-State luminaries, might have led to uncertainties elsewhere, but not in the hearts of these Vikings.

At the helm of this spirited ship is none other than Veteran Head Coach Dwight Jones, a name synonymous with excellence and leadership. His credentials include the prestigious GIAA Coach of the Year award, an honor reflective of his prowess in shaping championship-worthy teams. Together with his dedicated coaching staff, Coach Jones readies the Vikings to challenge the limits of their potential and stake a claim for yet another GIAA State Championship.

The story is not without its twists—15 starters from last year's championship-winning lineup have embarked on new journeys, leaving voids to be filled. And yet, the Vikings are unfazed. The Maxwell ratings, a trusted predictor in the realm of high school football, have cast their vote, predicting a victorious path for the Vikings despite the challenges of a reloaded roster.

Amidst these shifts, Junior quarterback Christian Brown emerges as a central figure, stepping into the limelight for the first time in his career. Tasked with filling the shoes of the departed GIAA State Player of the Year, Cam Ellis, Brown's journey is one of unyielding resolve and untapped potential.

On the field, Senior running back Cor’Vee James takes his position in the backfield, his game-changing speed poised to be a strategic asset for the Vikings' ambitions. James's influence extends beyond offense; he's primed to leave his mark on the defensive front as well.

The heartbeat of the team rests with Senior Desi Morgan Jr., whose versatility as a fullback and linebacker encapsulates the spirit of leadership that permeates the Vikings' ranks.

Senior 6’3 Wide receiver AZ Juste adds an air of excitement to the roster. As a Division 1 recruit, Juste's towering presence and skill set make him a prime candidate to be a pivotal force in the Vikings' offensive strategies.

On the defensive end, Senior Walker Hilton stands tall, embodying the energy and passion that define the Vikings' resolute pursuit of another state championship. His leadership on the field inspires not only his teammates but an entire community rallying behind the team.

As the 2023 season unfolds, the Pacelli Vikings Football Team's journey is one of unity, aspiration, and unwavering dedication. Every practice, every play, and every game is a testament to their indomitable spirit. With a tapestry woven with veterans, newcomers, and dreams of glory, the Vikings take to the field, ready to etch another chapter in their storied history.