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St. Anne-Pacelli Middle School Cross Country Teams Triumph at Brookstone Invitational


Pacelli Sports | 9/12/2023

Back-to-Back Victories Launch an Exciting 2023 Season

In an exhilarating display of speed, endurance, and unwavering determination, the St. Anne-Pacelli Middle School Cross Country teams delivered a stunning performance at the Brookstone Invitational, clinching victory for the second week in a row. With resounding wins by both the girls' and boys' teams, the Vikings are off to a remarkable start in the 2023 season.

Girls' Dominance Continues

The Lady Vikings continued their reign of excellence as they secured a spectacular 1st-place finish, replicating their victory from the previous week. Leading the charge was the phenomenal Cate Pryor, who outpaced the competition with an impressive time of 16:35, firmly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of middle school cross country.

Emma Kate Turner further solidified the girls' dominance, claiming the 3rd spot on the podium with a time of 17:01, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication. Eva Shaw displayed remarkable endurance, securing 7th place with a time of 18:09, while Gracie Davenport's tenacity earned her an 8th-place finish in 18:25.

The top 10 was a Viking stronghold, with Vivian Horton crossing the line in 9th place at 18:45, followed by the formidable Alexia Gonzalez in 11th place with a time of 19:23. Mariska Raza rounded off the remarkable girls' team performance with a 12th place finish, clocking in at 19:25.

Boys Blaze to Victory

The boys' team mirrored the girls' success with an outstanding 1st-place finish, marking their second consecutive win of the season and igniting the spirit of victory. Bridger Arceneaux led the charge, displaying his prowess with a swift 3rd-place finish and a time of 14:30.

Izac Gonzalez continued the boys' impressive performance, securing the 5th spot on the podium with a time of 15:06. Gordan Davenport's relentless effort paid off as he finished 6th with a time of 15:12, showcasing the boys' unwavering determination.

Barrett Christenson made his mark with a 9th-place finish, crossing the line in 16:11, closely followed by Parker Kaup, who claimed the 10th spot with a time of 16:17. Harper Singleton's impressive run earned him an 11th-place finish with a time of 16:23. Gabe Knight rounded off the boys' team performance with a commendable 15th-place finish, completing the race in 17:05.

The St. Anne-Pacelli Middle School Cross Country teams have set the bar high, capturing the hearts of their fans and inspiring future athletes with their remarkable performances at the Brookstone Invitational. With two consecutive victories to kickstart the 2023 season, the Vikings are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of middle school cross country.

Congratulations to the Lady Vikings and the boys' team for their outstanding achievements. The entire St. Anne-Pacelli community is proud of your hard work and dedication. Keep up the fantastic job, Vikings!